MontPIRG Textbook Affordability Guide

MontPIRG serves as an advocate for the voice of students and the young people of Montana.  One of the leading issues for students is the cost of college.  Part of that equation is tuition which MontPIRG has advocated to freeze or lower for over thirty years.  But another big piece is the cost of textbooks.  Every semester students spend many hundreds of dollars to get the textbooks their classes require which only increases the amount of debt they are left with after they graduate.

We talked with hundreds of students to understand what textbook issues they have dealt with and what concerns they had about the semester ahead.  We used this information to shape the topics we provided information about in the guide.  The information in this guide was compiled from extensive research by our interns and interviews with The Bookstore, students, and online providers.  It is our intention to provide a straight forward guide that gives the facts about the cost of textbooks and tips to get the same information for less cost without bias.

This guide will provide you answers about why textbooks cost so much, cost comparisons of books in over 24 majors, cost savings tips, examples of online resources and much more. 

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