The MontPIRG Board of Directors

The MontPIRG Board of Directors meets monthly in the University Center on the UM Campus . Check the posted meeting displays for specific room. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Sophie Moon - Chair

As a student of both environmental studies and political science, I know the difference that effective activism can make in our communities and our state. For over two years, MontPIRG has given me the chance to impact my community on issues that resonate with myself, and my fellow students, such as sustainability, voter participation, and so much more. After serving on the MontPIRG board, I have been able to further expand my opportunities for activism and make an even greater impact on the campus community. I am so grateful to continue to represent students on the MontPIRG board and assist MontPIRG in its mission to create positive, tangible change.


Kelly Williamson - Vice Chair

I have been a MontPIRG Intern for the Spring 2017 term and like the work that they do, and the way they connect the students to what is happening at the University, in the Community, and with the Legislature and its preceding. I recognize that they are advocates for bi-partisan issues and empowering today's youth to be tomorrow's leaders.

Kayla Sheridan.jpeg

Kayla Sheridan - Treasurer

Being a board member of MontPIRG and a student at the University of Montana has allowed me to work with amazing people on campus and in my community.  MontPIRG provides so many great opportunities for members to engage in societal issues within the community and learn about the topics students are most interested in. At UM I study International Business and am working towards attaining a certificate in Sustainable Business Strategies. This background has furthered my interest in learning how individuals and businesses can work together to create diverse and sustainable communities. 


Brenna Swinger - Secretary

I am a sophomore at the University of Montana studying political science and economics. After I did an internship with MontPIRG during the summer of 2018, I was inspired to continue with the organization as a member of their board of directors. My time with MontPIRG has given me the opportunity to learn more about Montana politics, advance my community outreach and communication skills, and pursue leadership opportunities in the executive committee of the board. I am excited to continue supporting MontPIRG in their mission to empower the next generation of civic leaders and make a tangible, positive change for our state.  
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Jadyn emerson.jpg

Jadyn Emerson

I am a freshman majoring in Creative Writing. When I'm not writing and hiding from the world, I enjoy helping students stay informed about important issues such as renter and voting rights. I was previously an intern here at MontPIRG and am excited to go forward with this awesome organization to make a difference in the life of Montanans.


Nicholas Soderburg

For me MontPIRG is a great way to take part in and learn from the Montana community. I value the experiences and the people that I’ve met while working with MontPIRG and appreciate how these campaigns have involved me in the wider dialogue within our community. This communication, the listening and sharing, is a key ingredient for a healthy society. I’m excited be working with MontPIRG as a member of the Student Board and look forward to the accomplishments and the relationships ahead of us.  

Katjana Stutzer

Katjana Stutzer

As a former MontPIRG intern and later staff member, I am excited to be back in Montana, once again serving the students of the University of Montana. I am a graduate student in Communication Studies and love to bring a service-oriented perspective to both my teaching and research. I am fascinated by social movements, politics, law, and non-profit organizations, which naturally have become the focus of my studies. MontPIRG continues to provide students opportunities to shape our communities for the better and to advocate in the interest of young people in our state, and I am honored to support such an impactful organization. I look forward to serving the students of UM!