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Empowering New Leaders

MontPIRG has worked for over 35 years to educate and empower the next generation of civic leaders. 

Our work is focused on giving young Montanans the grassroots organizing skills to be civic leaders in their community.  They learn these skills by engaging in hands-on work on campus and across the state to protect our environment, empower young voters, and defend consumer rights. During their time with MontPIRG they learn skills like clipboarding, door knocking, phone calling, event organizing, and campaign planning.  In addition to the work they do in the field these young leaders are trained in campaign management, fundraising, communications, lobbying, and more.


MontPIRG is proud to have a legacy of leaders who have built upon the skills they have learned at MontPIRG to become leaders in their communities, states, and across our nation.

Take a look at our testimonies page to hear directly from the leaders MontPIRG has produced about what they learned by being a part of the MontPIRG leadership development program.