2019 Legislative Scorecard

MontPIRG had another exciting legislative session fighting for the issues that best advance the public interest here in our state. Two students lobbyists led our legislative efforts in Helena by standing up to the powerful interests trying to take Montana in the wrong direction. Back on campus at the UM and MSU students were organizing around the same legislative issues to insure that their voices were heard on legislation that affects our lives.

Working together, MontPIRG advanced bills that will make make our state stronger. Here are a few highlights:

  • SB 24 (Parks, Trails, and Recreation Funding) - Our outdoors drives our economy and makes this a special place to live. Unfortunately, we have never had the funding to maintain trails and parks. With this bill we can finally maintain many of our outdoor recreation spots into the future.

  • HB 658 (Medicaid Expansion) - The healthcare of 97,000 low-income Montanans was one the line, including access for many students around our state. By passing this bill we helped ensure the rug won't be pulled out from 1 in 10 of our neighbors.

  • HB 192 (Revenge Porn) - MontPIRG lobbyist led on passing this bill to stop people from sharing nude pictures of people without their permission. This effort to punish and torture victims will now have real consequences.

    HB 16 (Affordable Housing Loan Program) - Across Montana, housing is being more and more expensive and out of reach of young Montanans. This bill will provide tools from the state to promote the construction of more affordable housing both rural and urban areas.college more affordable and strengthened laws that protect individual privacy.

We are proud of what was accomplished at the 66th legislative session and even prouder of the work our student volunteers and interns did to make these victories possible.

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